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Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Gang That Couldn't Collude Straight, Manafort Tries To Double Cross Mueller. THE PEN.

Dear David, 

The instant Paul Manafort pled guilty and entered into a plea 
agreement he started to collude behind Mueller's back with the Trump 
gang, feeding them information about Mueller's lines of 
investigation. Trump's own legal PR mouth piece (not a real 
attorney), Rudy Guiliani, just confessed this in public. 

This is the same Paul Manafort who thought he could get away with 
witness tampering, using encrypted messaging applications, thinking 
he was so clever, before his first trial. That's why he was 
incarcerated as fast as he was. 

Well, check this out. The communications between Manafort's and 
Trump's attorneys may be discoverable in a criminal investigation, 
and not protected because it may represent a conspiracy to obstruct 
justice. Might be time to fit Rudy himself for a striped suit. Yeah, 
lock him up too. 

Indeed, there is a long list on deck of Trump colluders who appear to 
be making a bee line for prison. Do not pass Go, do not collect two 
hundred dollars. 

Another joker who thinks he can play games with Robert Mueller is 
Jerome Corsi, who backed out of a plea deal that offered him zero 
jail time, and immediately went on TV, telling more incredible lies, 
and leaking the documents that prove it. He now gets to sit at the 
same defendants' table with Roger Stone. 

It seems that BOTH Manafort and Corsi participated in discussions for 
and/or entered into plea agreements for the SOLE purpose of playing 
mole to feed information back to Trump so they could all get their 
stories straight. And if Mueller was not angry before, you'd better 
believe he's hopping mad now, indicting chief executive while in 
office mad. 

Perhaps the only thing worse than a so-called angry Democrat is an 
angry purple heart veteran, Duddley Do Right, boy scout Republican. 
Oh yes, and then there is Trump's retweet today of a picture of 
Mueller himself behind bars demanding to know when the treason 
prosecutions will begin. That will go over well in the Special 
Prosecutor's office. 

The people around Trump are the worst of the worst, the biggest 
liars, the most corrupt sleazebags, the most arrogant whack-a-doodles 
to be found anywhere in America. And they are all headed to jail, all 
of them. Most of them couldn't even skate if Trump started handing 
out pardons wholesale like candy (itself obstruction of justice) 
because state attorneys general are standing by to prosecute on 
parallel state crimes. 

This is truly the gang that couldn't collude straight. And in case 
you want to know they've proven abysmally incompetent at governing 
too, all to our national detriment. 

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