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Friday, January 25, 2019

Important: Watch out for potential scams during the shutdown. VIRGINIA ATTORNEY GENERAL MARK HERRING.

One Commonwealth PAC
“AG Herring warns Virginia of scams targeting those impacted by the shutdown”

– WRIC News

Dear David,
As President Trump’s senseless shutdown drags on, it puts furloughed federal workers, including tens of thousands here in Virginia, at risk of being scammed or falling victim to a predatory loan. Even caring Virginians trying to donate to charities supporting furloughed workers could be at risk.
There are unscrupulous criminals out there who will try to take advantage of furloughed workers and sympathetic donors with fake job offers, scam charities or phony interviews. They might even try to solicit donations that line their own pockets. So keep your guard up, and contact my Consumer Protection Section at the OAG if you encounter anything suspicious.
Several localities with large numbers of federal workers, especially in Northern Virginia, have created dedicated websites to connect federal workers with support and resources:
This shutdown is inflicting real pain and hardship on millions of Americans, especially our fellow Virginians who work for or contract for the federal government.
It needs to end now.
But until the president comes to his senses, I know we’ll continue to rally around one another and support one another.
Take care,

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