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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Kamala’s conversation with Stephen Colbert. U.S. SENATOR KAMALA HARRIS.

On Thursday, Kamala joined Stephen Colbert on The Late Show to talk about Trump’s government shutdown -- and why it’s not going to end with the U.S. government building a wall, which is nothing more than Trump’s vanity project.
Kamala Harris
Towards the end of their conversation, Stephen asked Kamala how she feels about the future of our country. And here was her response:
“We are a country that was founded on noble ideals. We all know that we have not yet reached those ideals, but part of our strength is we fight to reach them. We are an aspirational country. The moment that we lose this aspiration to be all that our founders said we can and should be -- that’s a bad moment. But I remain optimistic that…our country is worth fighting for, our ideals are worth fighting for. And if something is worth fighting for, it’s a fight worth having.” ” — Kamala Harris
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