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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade…Tricia Wajda, Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund.

Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts
Dear Searchingforreason.net
46 years ago today, the U.S. Supreme Court guaranteed the right to safe, legal abortion. Roe v. Wade brought abortion out of the darkness and recognized that every person should be able to control their own lives, their own bodies, and their own futures. But just one year later after the court’s decision, the Massachusetts Legislature passed laws designed to restrict abortion access, undermining true reproductive freedom in the Commonwealth. These inflammatory laws remain on our books to this day, blocking countless people from the care they need.
With the Supreme Court poised to erode or eliminate Roe v. Wade, Massachusetts has an opportunity to recommit to reproductive rights by passing the ROE Act: bold, proactive legislation that will protect and expand access to safe, legal abortion.
In a state known for high-quality health care and near universal insurance coverage, no person should be forced to leave the state for care. No young person should be forced to defend their personal, medical decisions before a judge. No person should be denied affordable access to abortion because they lack insurance coverage. Yet, these are realities in Massachusetts.
The ROE Act would break down these unjust barriers to abortion care. And 46 years after Roe v. Wade, it’s more important than ever that we wipe dangerous, restrictive laws off our books and lead the nation with trailblazing policies like the ROE Act.
This legislative session, the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund will advocate tirelessly for the ROE Act. Thank you for joining us – and thank you for your commitment to enhancing these fundamental rights here in Massachusetts.
Tricia Wajda
Vice President of External Affairs
Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts
Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts
1055 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
United States

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