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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Sign if you agree: It’s past time that Trump reopen the government. U.S. SENATOR KAMALA HARRIS and democrats.com


The federal government has been shut down for three weeks now -- marking the joint-longest shutdown in our country’s history. Governing by crisis is not an effective way to lead. We need to fight back if we're going to reopen the government and fund essential domestic priorities. It’s up to us to stop Trump’s vanity project: a hateful, ineffective border wall.

I’m confident that if enough people come together, we can make Republican leaders hear the voices of the American people who are fed up with this manufactured crisis. That’s why I'm asking:

Sign my petition to Republican leaders demanding they pass a bipartisan resolution that will reopen the government. Your voice is needed in this fight, now more than ever.

Governing by brinkmanship and chaos isn’t leadership: it’s recklessness. This cynical, partisan, political game is affecting real people's lives. Hundreds of thousands of federal employees, many of whom are living paycheck to paycheck, are facing furloughs. Food assistance benefits for nearly 39 million low-income Americans are under threat.

The American people deserve better than a government that lurches from one crisis to the next, with little to no leadership at the helm. This government shutdown must end as quickly as possible. That's why I'm asking you to make your voice heard today: tell Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and all Republicans to do the right thing.

Sign my petition to GOP leaders demanding they tell Trump to pass a bipartisan resolution to reopen the government.

This is a moment when the beauty of the design of our democracy is being tested. I’m confident that, if enough of us raise our voices together, we will prevail.


Kamala Harris
U.S. Senator, California

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