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Monday, March 25, 2019

American Philosophical Association. HOW TO REASON.

Help your students reason, understand, and write better.

How to Reason: A Practical Guide
Claims. Arguments. Fallacies. Analogies. Generalizing. Cause and Effect. Explanations. All these are clearly set out with hundreds of examples from daily life showing how to use them. Illustrations using a cast of cartoon characters make the concepts memorable.
Based on the highly praised The Pocket Guide to Critical Thinking (see the reviews!) but with shorter chapters, more summaries, introductions, and exercises for readers to test their skills.
Helps in any course, or use it as the text for a course on critical thinking.
$19.95 paperback ISBN 978-1-938421-38-9
$12.99 e-book
PDF ISBN 978-1-938421-39-6
ePub ISBN 978-1-938421-44-0
How to Reason + Reasoning in the Sciences
New drugs, climate change, whether cats can reason, the universe—how can we understand? Starting a science course, how can we make sense of the methods of reasoning? This extension of How to Reason teaches how scientists make definitions, what an experiment is, what can go wrong with an experiment, how scientists reason with models and theories, what counts as a good explanation in science, and how to distinguish science from magic, religion, and fraud.
No background in science is needed.
$21.95 paperback ISBN 978-1-938421-40-2
$14.99 e-book
PDF ISBN 978-1-938421-41-9
ePub ISBN 978-1-938421-45-7

Advanced Reasoning Forum · Contact us: rle@ARFbooks.org · Request an examination copy.

The American Philosophical Association
University of Delaware
31 Amstel Avenue, Newark, DE 19716
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