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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Can you host an event on April 27? BERNIESANDERS.COM

David -
Today I am asking you to do something big for our campaign.

On April 27 we will have our official organizing kickoff with events nationwide – events that will lay the groundwork of our movement across the country.

Even if you've never hosted an event like this before, I hope you'll keep reading.
Hosting an event is easy, and you’ll receive support from our trained volunteers at every step of the way. Our campaign is about bringing people together around the political revolution, and that is exactly what you'd help accomplish as a host.

This is how we will grow our movement and transform our country, David. Can we count on you to host an event on April 27?

The only way we will win this election is by creating the largest grassroots movement this country has ever seen. It really and truly all comes down to that. The big-money interests will do whatever they can to stop us, but we can take them on and win as long as we are in this together.

By hosting an event in Seekonk, you will be taking a critically important step toward not only building a winning campaign, but transforming America.
Thank you for being a part of this movement.
In solidarity,
Claire Sandberg
National Organizing Director

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