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Monday, April 22, 2019


David -
Last year, the CEO of General Motors made almost $22 million in compensation — nearly 300 times what the average worker at the company makes each year.

At the same time, GM is closing a number of profitable plants and shipping those jobs overseas, including one in Lordstown, Ohio.

I visited the Lordstown plant recently with a message for General Motors, and that is if corporations like GM think they can throw workers out on the street while they’re making billions in profits and then line up to receive even more money from federal government contracts, well… that ain’t going to happen when I am president.

We made a short video from our visit. You need to see what is happening in Lordstown. The piece is quite powerful. Watch and share it with your friends on social media:

Lordstown is an example of the horrific impact on a small town and a community when a company like General Motors gives billions of dollars in stock buybacks to make the very rich even richer while closing down plants and shipping those jobs overseas.

I have always felt there is something profoundly wrong with people and businesses that have so much money yet still decide that they are willing to step over working people, many with families and young children, in order to get more and more.

And what we have to decide is whether in our democracy, we are going to allow a handful of businesses on Wall Street to close down profitable plants like the one in Lordstown.

What we have to decide is whether or not we should allow a company like GM — which received a $50 billion bailout from the taxpayers of this country — to throw thousands of productive workers out on the street.

To say the least, that does not show a lot of love and gratitude.

So what we are going to do on this campaign, and when I am in the White House, is tell companies like General Motors that they are going to start being good corporate citizens — that their greed is going to end.

We are going to tell them that they will no longer continue to treat their workers with disdain and contempt.

And that starts with spreading the word about what GM is doing in places like Lordstown.

So please, watch our video from Lordstown and share it on your favorite social media channels like  Twitter, and YouTube.

This is important. People need to see what is happening in Lordstown.
Thank you for sharing their story.

In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders

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