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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Will you complete this short survey? KAMALA HARRIS FOR THE PEOPLE.

A few weeks ago, my team and I asked you to fill out a brief survey -- we wanted to know more of what’s on your mind as we head further down the path in our campaign. According to the results, the number one issue on everyone’s mind is how we defeat Donald Trump and elect a Democrat as our next president.

Other issues that rose to the top of the list included tackling climate change, fighting for civil rights, and delivering health care for everyone with Medicare for All.

We also asked you whether you support our campaign -- and here are some of the responses from undecided voters who shared their thoughts:
  • I am looking for “a future President who values children, education, gun control, justice reform, reducing the deficit, lowering the cost of health care and improving health benefits to name a few. Global warming is also a real concern as well.”

“There are several great candidates, Senator Harris is among my favorites.”


  • “She stands for the values and issues which are important to me, including making gun violence prevention a priority.”

  •  “After seeing Kamala in person at her kick-off rally in Oakland, I was totally impressed and inspired by her apparent honesty, intelligence and caring for everyday Americans and our country. I think she is a strong woman (tough in a good way). I will be proud to call her my President!!!!”

    • “Time to take back our country and I know Kamala can get us on track.”
    No matter where you stand on the issues of the day or our campaign, your feedback matters tremendously to me and my team. As we work to put together our campaign strategy for the coming months, I want to make sure your voice is heard.

    Can you complete our short April survey to share your input with me? Among other things, I want to hear what you think about the challenges we face, what’s driving your decision in this election, and what has you excited about 2020.

    We are running a campaign we can all be proud of -- because it’s about people. Ours is truly a campaign 
    of, by and for the people -- including you! I am grateful for your input and your support.
    — Kamala Harris

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