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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Add your name: Tell Barr to allow Mueller to testify. U.S. REP. JENNIFER WEXTON.


The American people deserve one thing from Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation: the truth.

This isn’t about political parties, this is about understanding everything that happened in the 2016 election, how foreign parties might have interfered, and ensuring Congress can act so it never happens again.

That’s why it’s so important to have Special Counsel Mueller testify before Congress -- so that everyone can hear directly from him about what he learned, what is in his report, and what he recommends next.

Here’s the problem: Attorney General Barr has proven that he cannot and should not be trusted to oversee this process. He has repeatedly acted not as an agent of law enforcement, but as a representative of the Trump administration.

We must act quickly and build public pressure to force Attorney General Barr to do the right thing. Will you add your name here and send a clear message to Barr that he must allow Mueller to testify before Congress?
Barr must act in the nation’s best interest, and not Trump’s. Your signature to this petition is how we force him to do that.

Thank you for standing up,

Team Wexton

Rep. Jennifer Wexton proudly serves the 10th District of Virginia. She's fighting to create a strong economy, ensure equality for all, and invest in a better future for America.

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