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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Philosophy without borders: our latest posts, 29 april - 6 may 2019.

Dear Philosopher or Philosophically-Minded Person,

PHILOSOPHY WITHOUT BORDERS, which is home-based on Patreon, here—  
is an open-source, open-minded forum for sharing original philosophy,  
produced by critically thoughtful, insightful, reflective people for  
other critically thoughtful, insightful, reflective people, with no  
restraints on what form the philosophy may take; and with no  
restriction by borders or boundaries of any kind, be they restrictions  
inherent in schools of thought, educational institutions, states or  
national boundaries, or legal or moral systems.


Here are the latest posts on our blog—

Deconstructing Decolonization.

The Crisis In Higher Education: What Is To Be Done?

Revenge Of The Postmodern Or Neo-Nietzchean Logic Skeptic.

And here are our two journals—



PHILOSOPHY WITHOUT BORDERS assumes universal enfranchisement and  
emancipation as a goal, so that all people may participate in the  
generation and discussion of philosophy. Its only requirement is that  
the cultural products shared, whether they may be philosophy in the  
strict sense, being the continuation world’s history of philosophy  
from all parts, including western and eastern or any other philosophy;  
or whether they be other thought provoking cultural products including  
conversations, serious or humorous writing, the visual arts, crafts,  
multimedia, and future art, so long as they contain real philosophical  

By “real philosophical thinking,” we mean thinking that is unhindered  
and not self-censored by subservience to any so-called philosophical  
authority or canon, aimed at least in some way at generating,  
elucidating or commenting on philosophical ideas; and respectful of  
the assumed universal enfranchisement and emancipation of all people  
and therefore communicating in a spirit of love, peace, and  
understanding – not hate, conflict, or vilification.

PHILOSOPHY WITHOUT BORDERS belongs to a radical phase in the  
philosophical project that flowered in the period of western culture  
which has become known  as the Age of Enlightenment,  occurring mostly  
in Europe during the 18th century. The ideas of the Enlightenment  
undermined the authority of the monarchy, church, and state, paving  
the way for subsequent emancipatory political revolutions in the cause  
of freedom from oppression of any kind. Radically enlightened  
philosophers have existed in all cultures and all ages, readily  
recognised by their support of unrestricted reason and universal  
respect for human dignity as the two primary vehicles for creating  
understanding real and imagined worlds, and for disseminating the idea  
that disputes and conflicts can be resolved or avoided by means of the  
search for logically-guided, evidence-based truth rather than personal  
beliefs, creeds, mysticisms, or other oppressive, mind-enslaving  
ideological constructs.

PHILOSOPHY WITHOUT BORDERS is a safe haven for thinkers to explore and  
warn against the incursions against radical enlightenment by abuses of  
greed, power, control, oppression, obedience, censorship, hate,  
derision, bullying, xenophobia, nationalism, feudalism, group-think,  
enforced zeitgeists, and other crimes against and limitations of  
humanity. PHILOSOPHY WITHOUT BORDERS in this sense can be thought of  
Enlightenment Redux, not just a passing phase, but the underlying  
principles of all humane activity. Radical enlightenment opposes  
oppression by complacency, stupidity, and evil, which persist all  
around the world, not only in despotic regimes, but also in supposedly  
enlightened ones, mostly as a result of an obsession with  
self-interested competition and the possession of coercive power,  
rather than on mutual aid and constructive cooperation as the bases  
for rational human activity.


Again, PHILOSOPHY WITHOUT BORDERS is home-based on Patreon, here—

Please consider becoming a patron!

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