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Example of a story, that emphasizes the Paranormal Normal reputation of this "Area" located in the Atlantic Ocean.( Fictional, but it includes many things in common with the typical BERMUDA TRIANGLE STORY, MYTH, LEGEND etc..)

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BOSTON, MA. Dec, 2.

On November 23rd, Captain Bernard Wallace, Master of the Brig JUPITER, claims to have found the missing Schooner ALBATROSS, adrift some 75 Nautical Miles South/Southwest of Bermuda. 

The ALBATROSS was due into Port on, or around Nov. 18th.

No one was found aboard, although the ship showed no signs of foundering.

''Tis a queer thing," Captain reported to Maritime Officials in Boston, upon arriving in port two days ago.

The Captain also stated that;  "We had just turned into the wind, when she was spotted off the Starboard Foredeck.  Since it was mid-day, under clear skies, we were able to make her out pretty clearly.  She was under close- trimmed sails, but  not following any course I could make out.  We approached as close as possible, and were able to make out her out as ALBATROSS."

Captain Wallace went on to further report, "We hailed her for a good twenty minutes, but received no response.  Stranger yet, her decks were clear of any life that we could see.  The crew made no appearance."

Boston officials asked Wallace what he did next.

"I ordered my First Mate, Mr. Martin, to take the Launch and a boarding  party of three men, and search the vessel for any sign of life, or possible reasons for abandonment."

The following was taken from the narrative and testimony of Donald Martin, First Mate on the JUPITER.

"In odedience to the Captains orders, Myself and three of the crew, brought the Launch alongside
the ALBATROSS.  Leaving one man in the Launch, Me and my two other shipmates secured the
line to port side aft railing of the ship, and climbed aboard to start the inspection."



First Mate Martin continued with his testimony.

"I sent Crewmen Drury and Lyons forward, to inspect the Foremast and Sail, and the Bow section. I remained aft, to check the Masters Cabin.  All three of us would inspect the hold."

"Entering the Masters cabin, I found it to be in tidy shape. I could not find the Ships Log on the small writing desk, and the Sea Chest was stowed securely under the Bunk. There were no Navigational Instruments to be found, and this remained the case throughout the ship. No Sextant, Compass or Charts were found aboard."

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The Boston Maritime Officials then inquired about the Ships Boats.

"That was a bit strange." The Mate replied. "The Tackle used to swing out the Starboard side Dinghy had been engaged, and it appeared to have been Launched.  However, it was done either in great haste, or by someone unfamiliar with the mechanism. The Gears appeared to have jammed several times, and it was swung out from the ship at an awkward angle.  If it was launched like that, there is a good chance that it capsized."

A question was then asked about the condition of the main deck.

"Well, the Ships Wheel,"  Martin had reported, "wasn't lashed down, which explains the lack of a set course. Other than that, and the affair with the Dinghy, not much else was out of sorts.  Drury and Lyons reported that the Foremast and Sail were in good condition, and the Bow showed no evidence of a possible collision with another Vessel."

Finally, the condition of the Hold was brought up, as well as the nature and type of Cargo stowed below.

Martin, it was reported, went silent for several moments.

"You understand," he said finally, "that my shipmates and I are only reporting what we found.  As to the how and why, that is your duty."  



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The story told by First Mate Martin of the JUPITER, regarding the investigation of the Hold on the ALBATROSS, has caused quite a stir in this Seaside Metropolis.

Boston Maritime Officials have not commented on this Testimony, but sources say they are quite perplexed.

Here are portions of the Further Sworn Testimony given by Martin, the facts which were affirmed by the two crewmen who accompanied him. This concerns the exploration of the Hold.

Martin- "As we went below, a strong odor of Decay was noticed.  There was very little water, so she still seemed watertight.  The smell was terrible, like rotting food left out in the Sun.  I sent Drury Forward, and Lyons Aft, while I remained Amidships.  The Cargo, if there ever was any, was gone.  There were a few mostly empty Barrels turned over, but nothing else.  It was, as if, she been unloaded in a a hurry. All we found were scraps of what seemed to be well cooked Beef and Mutton, sticking to the insides of the Barrels."

Martin was questioned as to the General Condition of the Hold.  "Well, my Mates and I did notice a couple of things.  There was a Green Type of Growth, almost like Mold, covering much of the Deck and Walls.  It seemed to be everywhere, and was starting to cover the stairs leading up to the Main Deck."

When asked if he was sure that it was Mold, and nothing else, Martin replied, "Well I don't know what else to call it.  But, when I touched it, it didn't feel right. It was warm, and the surface felt like Skin, Hard and Rough.  I know I said it seemed like Mold, but I won't swear an Oath to it."

When asked if he had anything more to add about the condition of the Hold, Martin had hesitated.  When prompted again by Officials, he replied: "Maybe it's was just Nerves, but I always had a feeling of being watched, at least when we were below. I know your probably thinking that I was spooked. or a bit daft. But Drury and Lyons felt the same thing.  Never was I more relieved then when we returned to the
Main Deck, with the Feel of the Sun on my face.  You want to know what was in the Hold?  The Look, Smell and Feeling of Death."

Date-  11/25/2014.

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Ghost Ship, Spirit Ship, Horror

After the inspection of the hold, First Mate Martin told the Inquiry that he ordered the return to the 
JUPITER by the Boarding Party.

"Finding no Trace of the Crew, we returned to the Launch, and proceeded back to the Ship.

Captain Wallace, Master of the JUPITER, was then brought back to be questioned by Maritime Officials.

When asked what he did after receiving First Mate Martins report, Wallace replied that the apparent Abandonment of the ALBATROSS, by its crew, made no sense.

"She was reported to be Sound and Watertight, the reason for leaving her was puzzling."

Wallace then continued, "I realized little could be accomplished by remaining alongside this Ship, and being on a Schedule with the JUPITER, I raised Sail and continued on Course to the next Port of Call."

-----  Well that is the end of the story.  As I said at the beginning, this is a work of Fiction.  However, it has Elements in it that are common among many Weird Stories and Legends told about the BERMUDA TRIANGLE.

However, it is these similarities among many of the stories that casts doubt on the Reality or Truth regarding many parts of the Tale.  In fact, sometimes it leaves us with the Conclusion that the Story is 100% Fiction.  The Reason is simple;  That the Research is often incomplete, and that many of the related facts are of Dubious Quality.  Additionally, the Omission of Certain Data makes Identifying the Story as a real event virtually impossible.

What do I mean?  Lets take a look at the body of the story.

1)  The story Initially starts out as relating a story that seems to be taken from a Newspaper or Periodical.  Yet, the name is never revealed, nor is the Identity of the Writer or the Reporter.  The Complete Date may not be revealed, making Research Verifying the details very difficult.

2)  Official sounding Terms like "Maritime Officials", "Inquiry", "Testimony" are often included to give the story an Illusion of Authenticity, since "Government" became involved in the Mystery.  They are also Vague Enough to sound Realistic and Plausible, but Specific Agencies and Individuals are not named or Identified.

Sometimes, it's what is not said or revealed in the story, that gives us the biggest clue about the Authenticity of the Tale.


Date-  12/3/2014.

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As I said in Part 4, there are things that are not revealed in a story you may read about a case involving the Bermuda Triangle, that give an indication about the "Reality" of the facts given in the story.

Illussion, Tree, Root, Devil, Trees                                                           

For example, in my sample story the Abandoned Schooner "ALBATROSS", was searched and then left to the Elements.  This would probably have never happened in a True Story.  

Maritime Salvage Laws would have allowed a Prize Crew to be placed Aboard the Deserted Vessel, who would then Sail the Ship into Port. This would mean a Substantial Reward for the Captain and Crew of the JUPITER, either from the Owners, or the Insurance carried against loss.  Leaving a Seaworthy Ship in the Middle of the Ocean would make little sense. 

Getting back to the story itself, there is other information not given that would cast doubt about the Details being a Road Map to the Truth.

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How so?

-  We have the Name of the Deserted Ship, and its supposed Destination, but not its Port of Embarkation and Cargo.

-  The Ships Master, and the Current Owners are not revealed.

-  In Fact, other then the Name "ALBATROSS", and that it is a Schooner, nothing else is revealed to aid in Researching the Event of its Disappearance.  Things such as Launch Date, Sailing History, Home Port, and Ownership History are not reported.

This was, of course, a Fictional Story.  However, when you read some of the "Strange Tales of the Sea",  that are included in the Bermuda Triangle Legend, look for Omissions like these, and consider how Plausible the "TRUE STORY" really is.

Look for Specific Examples given in Future Posts.

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